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She invited him in. She advised him to fasten his seat belt. How long have you two been together? You didn't need to hurry. I shouldn't have to ever come back here. He is a highly paid man. I can't put up with him any longer. My sister got engaged. Sure, here you go. Is she your sister?
Yarencito.Netmusica: - Many trees lose their leaves in the winter.
- Tom would often play jokes on the teacher.
- He is a handsome man.
- She herself helped him because no one else would.
- Please take me to this address.
- When did she leave the classroom?
- Thank you so much for inviting me.
- The book is easy.
- He is by no means bright.
- It has become much warmer.
That's our house. We saw a stranger walking outside. Lisa, would you like to go to the library with me? We have two daughters. How long can I keep this book? I have a good sense of smell. Nancy went to London as well as Paris. I don't think we should do that. Dinosaurs became extinct a very long time ago. It was hot last night.

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