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See you later. May I open a can? Excuse me madam, May I come in? Tom bought his truck used. I can't tell you exactly how long it will take. How many cars have you owned so far? We went out in spite of the rain. Excuse me, what's your name? Do you have any coffee? Gold is heavier than silver.
Pizap Photo: - I am Adjani calling from Mumbai.
- We moved to New York last fall.
- Parents are responsible for their children's education.
- He advised me not to smoke.
- The doctor gave it to her.
- Tom wants to be a pilot.
- My teacher has asked me to bring all the books today.
- We appreciate your help.
- I'd like to watch TV.
- Did I ask you?
We traveled on foot. Success depends mostly on effort. Hi Joe. What is your father? Mistakes like these are easily overlooked. I was absent from school because I had a cold. What is your name? I think we'll make it if we hurry. I had enough time, so I didn't need to hurry. Show me how it works.

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