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Lightning struck the tower. How do you feel about it? He is her friend. Don't step on the broken glass. I don't know the reason he is absent today. He likes oranges. My name is John Smith. We have a Maruthi Car. Which club do you belong to? Is it safe to swim in this river?
Snes Para Psp: - Nobody was paying attention to her.
- I gave my cold to him.
- Have you told everyone where the meeting will be?
- Tom found me a taxi.
- He seems unable to swim.
- I don't want to give up.
- I have a dictionary.
- I need to get something to eat.
- No I'm here alone. Steve couldn't come this time.
- She married young.
Eat your soup before it gets cold. I couldn't figure out what she was talking about. In my view, this one is best. You had better carry something with you to eat. Who's calling? Aren't you good friends with the president of that company? He looks old, but he is still in his twenties. Don't make me angry. How high is that mountain? Every week.

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