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This looks like a nice restaurant. The policeman grabbed the robber's arm. Nobody knows. I called her roommate and she doesn't know either. Can you help me? Do you spend much time writing email? He knows photography inside out. Would you like to go for a walk? Would you mind lending me your car? Who did you meet there? I read the Times.
Music Raja Mp3: - She advised him not to believe everything the teacher says.
- Can we have a menu please.
- There has always been war and there always will be.
- He wanted to come with us.
- Was the book interesting?
- He hated lying.
- It's my younger brother's.
- I can't tell you what an honor this is.
- That is her house.
- My eyes are watering.
What did you do with my book? She is related to him. What are you staring at? She stole a lot of money from him. You must take his age into account. The wound has not healed yet. Do you know how to use a computer? You're welcome. Do you know how to play the guitar? I have a dog. There is scarcity of water.

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