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She introduced her sister to him more than two years ago. This one is of my wife and me on the beach, and this one is our daughter Emily standing next to my wife. I think it's time for me to make some new friends. I changed my mind. I can understand why you don't want to eat there. I guess so. Maybe that's why I can't find a girlfriend. The days are growing longer. Is one thousand yen enough? Would you like some salad? Have they met her yet?
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- Ask Ravi to finish the home work.
- July 25th.
- That car is hers.
- I put some cookies on the table and the kids ate them right up.
- Were you busy yesterday?
- I'm coming back on the 17th.
- I want to get rid of it.
- How would you like your steak done?
- We purchased a new house for eighty thousand dollars.
Pam, where's the closest ATM? The boy is kind. She teased him. Do you know if there's a convenience store around here? Have you ever seen him swimming? He was too old to swim. You'd better give up smoking. She runs fastest in our class. He had to work even on Sunday. Wood burns.

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